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Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions

I have downloaded the app, but it says I need an activation code. Where do I get this?

To get an activation code, you must first register your phone through Online Banking. Once successfully registered, you will receive an activation code to use for all three modes of Mobile Banking you sign up for (Mobile Web, Mobile App or SMS/ Text Message Banking). Activation codes expire after 24 hours. If yours has expired, another code can be retrieved from your Online Banking account or by texting R to CapitalMark's short code (79680) if you have activated SMS/Text Banking.

Who do I contact if I need additional support?

Contact a CapitalMark Cash Management Specialist at (423)756-7878 during bank hours or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Yes! Developed with some of the foremost banking security companies in the world, CapitalMark’s Mobile Banking keeps your personal information safe and secure. No personal or sensitive information is stored on your mobile devices, such as account numbers or passwords. Logging in to the Mobile App or Mobile Web banking modes requires both your unique username and password.

Is there a fee associated with Mobile Banking?

There is no fee for using CapitalMark’s Mobile Banking. Your mobile phone service provider may charge a fee for data access or text messages. Check with your mobile carrier for details about these charges. Additionally, you must have a CapitalMark account to utilize CapitalMark Mobile Banking, and your CapitalMark account may have a fee associated with it. Check with your Banker Team for details.

Can my husband or wife access our joint account from a different mobile phone?

Yes! Two people can have access to the same joint account number via their individual mobile phones.

What type of phone or carrier do I need to have to use CapitalMark Mobile Banking?

CapitalMark’s Mobile Banking has been designed to be compatible with almost any device and carrier. Because our App can be downloaded to a phone or accessed with a mobile Internet connection, all you need is a mobile Internet connection. Similarly, if you have text messaging enabled on your phone, you can text for your balance regardless of what carrier or phone you have. The CapitalMark Mobile Banking app is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

I lost my mobile phone, now what?

First, contact your mobile carrier to stop service to your phone. You can disable Mobile Banking to your phone at any time from your Online Banking account by visiting the Mobile Banking page or calling us during business hours at (423) 756-7878 or emailing Customer Care. Because sensitive account information or passwords are not stored on your phone, a fraudster cannot access your accounts. If a third party were to locate your Text Banking messages, only account balances can be revealed. No transfers or withdrawals can be made.

What are the Text Banking Commands?

Simply text the command C to 79680 (CapitalMark’s short code) to receive a list of available text commands.






Summary of available balances for all accounts



Summary of recent transactions per account



List of available Text Banking commands



Help content for Text Banking



Receive a URL for the CapitalMark Mobile Browser website



Receive a URL and new activation code for the Mobile Browser

NOTE – This command has no association with Text Banking.



De-activate all CapitalMark text services


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