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fraud and security

Educational Overview


Criminals are increasingly shifting from individual targets to corporate targets, and small to medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable. Eastern European organized crime groups are using USA-based accomplices to perpetrate fraud, criminally moving millions of dollars to overseas locations via ACH and wire transfers.

How Clients are Vulnerable

A client typically becomes compromised through "spear-phishing", which is the use of a fraudulent email or text message that appears to be a credible communication. When opening the email or text messages and clicking on enclosed links or attachments, the infected file or Web site will install malware on the user's computer, mobile or tablet device permitting a criminal to track keystrokes and capture otherwise secure login credentials. Criminal groups have used spear-phishing under the guise of communications from the Better Business Bureau, US Court System, IRS and UPS as just a few examples.

Fraud Committed

Once the fraudster has obtained your online credentials, common methods to obtain access to your funds are to hijack a secure web session or create a new ID and password and initiate fund transfers separately.


While many cyber crimes are out of your control, there are ways you can protect yourself and your business by exercising caution on common pitfalls. We encourage you to follow best practices to keep your money safe and protect your personal information. Learn more about how CapitalMark protects you, how you can protect yourself and how you can protect your business.

CapitalMark Bank & Trust values your business and is dedicated to assist you in partnership to safeguard the financial assets you've entrusted with us. If we can be an additional resource to you in your risk management review and assessment, please don't hesitate to contact your Banker Team.


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